Amy the dog walker with her own small dog Skeeter.

Positively Peaches

A dog walking service that works with you to train your dog.

‘A Thought From Me’

An exploration of our lives with our dogs. To build, nurture and maintain stronger relationships with our companions.


Sorry, we’re working on that

A thought from your friend, the new puppy owner. Let’s set the scene, you and your 6-month-old dog have just graduated puppy school. You’ve spent 5 weeks being taught all the skills you need to set your family up for success and give your dog the best possible start to…

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You can’t be bothered… And that’s okay!

I’ll start with a confession. Loose lead walking is an absolute nightmare and it’s not something I care about maintaining with my own dog. I feel it’s only fair to add that he only weighs 6.5kgs! I love training with my dog. I love watching him figure out what I’m…

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